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This caravan is priced in both Canadian & US dollars. Prices are higher than 2019, as we have now added a 3 night all inclusive trip to Copper Canyon to the tour. That incudes hotels, the train up there, meals, some drinks, entertainment and tours of the canyon region. You cannot take pets on the Copper Canyon train (seeing eye dogs only). We can arrange pet care while you are gone.

The trip price includes all RV parks, many meals and tours. You pay your own fuel & tolls.

Price in Canadian dollars: $10,500

Price in US dollars: $8600


We base our prices on the Canadian dollar as it keeps a closer pace wth the Mexican Peso. There may or may no tbe some adjustment in the US price. You will not pay any more after paying a first deposit.

Payments consist of an initial deposit of $1000 Canadian or $750 US. The deposit is non-refundable & non transferable. There are 2 additional payments of approximately 50% of the balance, non refundable, but transferable. We sometimes allow a portion of the final payment to be made in cash at the border. On that we discount 3.5%. We will advise at the final payment date.

Since payments on this trip are transferable, but not refundable, we advise purchasing cancellation insurance

Please note for couples, split the trip cost in half and register both of you. You have 2 options, you may insure just the first deposit initially, then phone them and add on the next 2 payments as you make them (don't forget to do it). You will save money this way, just be aware that any pre-existing medical conditions are looked at each time you make another payment, whereas they are locked in if you cover the entire trip cost on enrollment. If they require a receipt other than that given by pay pal, let us know and we will issue one.

For Americans: 1-800-826-5248



For Canadians: 1-866-878-0191