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2020 Airstream Owners Mexico Caravan N-2020-M


The 2020 WBCCI Caravan is now taking registrations. It is scheduled to run from Feb 7th, 2020 to April 7th, 2020. It will include an all inclusive trip to Copper Canyon by train and the route will take it through Colonial Mexico and up the west coast. The 2020 cost is $10,500 Can or $8,600 US.

This page is operated by the contractor for this trip as an information resource, and a convenience for those coming through their website or a web search. All registrations are handled by the WBCCI, payments are processed by Caravanas de Mexico. In the event of discrepancies, information on the WBCCI site takes precedence.

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1) You must be a WBCCI member first. If you are not, use the navigation button above to go to the WBCCI site and join.

2) If you are a WBCCI member, fill out the form, and the WBCCI rep will provide you with information on paying a deposit

3) Policies and costs are set out in accordance with the WBCCI Club, not the contractor, Caravanas de Mexico (see terms).

4) Press the "Tour Info" button on the navigation bar for the Itinerary

5) Some more information is at this link https://wbccicaravan.wbcci.net/2020-caravans/


Cancelation Insurance:

You will be provided information on purchasing optional cancelation insurance when you are directed to the deposit page. There is also information under the prices navigation button above.


More Information from the Contractor, Caravanas de Mexico

Caravanas de Mexico is a registered Mexican Tour Company (see Certification document). We have been running RV Caravans for many seasons, plus providing tour services to competitors. We also run bus tours within Mexico. We are currently the only company running RV caravans (legally) deep into mainland Mexico. Baja is a possibility in future for Airstream. Our current Baja Tours are run by the Vagabundos del Mar Club of California, a partner of Caravanas de Mexico

1) Caravanas de Mexico contracts one of its former Wagon Masters (not an employee) to maintain a webpage for our various trips HERE. He is not responsible for any lack of or misinformation, he is just a general source of information. The WBCCI wll provide information.

2) This is a WBCCI trip contracted out to Caravanas de Mexico. Further information on this trip may also be found on the WBCCI site at https://wbccicaravan.wbcci.net/2020-caravans/

3) In the event of conflict of information between this site and the WBCCI, the information on the WBCCI site takes precedence.

4) You should download and print out the Medical Form and Waiver from Caravanas de Mexico and bring them with you. You will likely also have to fill out similar forms for the WBCCI.

5) Latest Tour info may be found by pressing the "Tour Info" navigation button at the top.

6) The contacts button on the navigation bar will provide you with information to contact the WBCCI co-ordinator and also Caravanas de Mexico.

7) The direct link to the deposit page is at http://www.airstreammexico.com/deposits.php. This link is only for reference, or if you lose the link provided you by the WBCCI. Do NOT pay any deposit until you are instructed to do so by the WBCCI representative